Let's solve your video conference troubles with Minrray comprehensive solution

What troubles you encountered when you are in a conference video?

Blurred face? Low voice? Difficult operation?

Wrong conference camera will turn a video conference into a disaster. Then how to choose the most suitable camera?

Minrray’s conference video cameras earned many customers praises due to premium quality and professional service. In order to satisfy users’ requirements in wider shooting angle, better voice effect and easier operation guide, Minrray launched a comprehensive solution for video conference-VA210.

VA210 is a perfect set of conference solutions that integrate audio and video. The video adopts advanced ISP processing technology and algorithm, the image effect is vivid and lifelike, the picture brightness is uniform, the light color level is strong, the definition is high, and the color reproduction is good.

The audio adopts advanced high-definition voice processing technology, adaptive 48KHz full-duplex echo cancellation, and automatically adapts to audio and video conference systems with different voice bandwidths around the world. The sound quality is clear and smooth, and the stability is excellent. At any time, it can provide participants with smooth and natural audio and video effects, and provide comfortable, pleasant and immersive experience for small and medium-sized remote meetings and other applications.