Minrray NDI®|HX Cameras Comprehensive Information

What is NDI?

NDI is the abbreviation of Network Device Interface, which is a network device interface protocol 

launched by NewTek in 2015. After NDI-encoded audio and video signals, multiple broadcast-level 

quality signals are transmitted and received through the IP network in real time. The transmitted 

information has the characteristics of low delay, precise frame video, and mutual identification of 

data streams.NDI makes the simple and efficient transmission of video in the IP space a reality. 

This feature and application will largely replace the specific wired connection and transmission 

(such as HDMI, SDI, etc.) in the current camera industry.

Why choose Minrray NDI cameras?

In the field of video conferencing cameras, Minrray Industry Co.,Ltd., as the official partner of NewTek NDI, will rely on a strong R&D team to upgrade traditional video conferencing cameras. The NDI®|HX network protocol is integrated internally. The NDI function is upgraded from the product itself with no additional codec required, which make installation and maintenance much easier than before.

1.Replace complex connections to quickly set up a studio

Using cameras with NDI capabilities, traditional SDI/HDMI video signals can be reliably transmitted to IP-based on-site production equipment, such as various software and hardware production equipment, video mixers, image systems, etc., no need to lay out audio and video cables in different locations, etc., Unlike traditional cameras setting up which requires professional technical team, using Minrray NDI camera, only with IP network, you can connect cameras in different locations, helping you quickly build a lightweight studio.

2. Real-time signal sources are more abundant than ever

Multi-channel transmission, each NDI signal source can be used as multiple receiving end targets, and the NDI data stream of the camera is also received by multiple devices, greatly increasing the number of signal sources used for on-site production switching. For complex multi-process program production workflows, after deploying NDI cameras, each work link can be processed online in a distributed manner in parallel, which greatly improves the efficiency of program production. For example, for a game program, real-time analysis of the game, real-time playback, slow-motion playback processing, and more screen processing, etc., can be produced online and in parallel at the same time

Minrray NDI Cameras Family

1. UV401-NDI

Ultra HD 4K camera. Using 12x optical zoom lens, 80.4 ° distortion-free wide angle lens. Support multiple network protocols, in RTMP push mode, easily link to streaming media servers (Wowza, FMS); support RTP multicast mode to create lightweight real-time conferences. Super mute and automatic pan/tilt return technology to allow participants to focus on the meeting.

2. UV430A-NDI

Ultra-high-definition 4K camera that supports NDI®|HX protocol, supports high-definition images and is compatible with 4K60, 4K30, 4K25, 1080p60, 1080p50, 1080p30, 1080p25 and other image resolutions; AWB, AE, AF trinity images are automatically adjusted, reaching a higher level in the industry video processing capabilities.

3. UV510A-ST-NDI

The high-definition PTZ camera series has the characteristics of full HD, wide viewing angle, multi-interface, multi-protocol, and multi-lens. It adopts 1/2.8-inch CMOS sensor, 1920x1080px full HD resolution, maximum 83.7° wide-angle lens, with 5 times, 10 times, 12 times , 20 times, 30 times and other optical zoom lens options to adapt to different sizes of venues.

4. UV570-NDI

Adopting 1/2.8-inch 2.07 million pixel high-quality CMOS image sensor, with a maximum resolution of 1920×1080; with 5, 12, 20, 30 times and other optical zoom lens options, 5 times lens has 83° small distortion width Perspective. Auto-focus technology, low noise and high signal-to-noise ratio, vivid images, uniform picture brightness, strong sense of light and color, allowing you to participate in an immersive conference.

5. UV950A-ST-NDI

Built-in NDI®|HX protocol, 1080p60 output under low bandwidth, the picture quality is smoother and clearer. High-quality wide-angle and multiple optical zoom lenses make it useful in a wider range of applications. Equipped with rich interfaces, advanced ISP processing technology and algorithms, the picture has uniform brightness, strong sense of light and color, high definition, and good color reproduction.