How to realize remote monitoring by network camera

The method of mobile phone remote monitoring camera in LAN:
1. First install the network camera and connect it to the switch through the network cable. The advantage of connecting the network camera is that each network cable must not be unified on a switch (for example: you need to install one camera in the distance, if you want to install ten For traditional cameras, each coaxial cable must be plugged into a video recorder at the same time for normal use, but a network camera can add an additional switch to turn the switch with ten network cables into a switch that only needs to be pulled through one network cable. It can be used normally on another switch, which saves a lot of labor.)

2. Use the network cable to connect to the switch through the computer, you can see the online camera, you can also connect to the IPAD, notebook through the Wifi wireless network, first check whether your camera supports mobile phone viewing, if it supports and this IP CAM has been If it is connected to the public network and the mobile phone is a smart phone, it can be remotely monitored online. It can also be connected to the switch through the NVR recorder, and the video recorder can be connected to the display screen to see the screen images recorded by the on-site monitoring at any time. Log in to the IPC's domain name to view, control, manage and record the IPC. Remote users can log in to the IPC through a web browser (IE) and the corresponding video centralized management software. The operation is very convenient, so that the IP camera can be used normally.