Product Description

Minrray as one of the professional China Omnidirectional Speakerphone manufacturers and China factory, we are strong strength and complete management. VC700 is a professional-grade omnidirectional microphone kit, which adopts international advanced voice processing technology, provides 48K sampling rate, and echo cancellation is up to 500ms. The sound quality is clear and beautiful, intelligent noise reduction completely eliminates clutter, and the voice is restored with high fidelity. Built-in 4-channel high-definition microphone array, the best collection distance is 4, and the farthest can support 5-8, the sound is lifelike, clear and natural.

Product Detail

Hot sale quality Omnidirectional Speakerphone with Low Price made in China. Minrray is a Omnidirectional Speakerphone manufacturer and supplier in China. 

VC700 has perfect expansion capabilities. When it needs to be used in a larger meeting room or for group discussions, the product is equipped with an expansion unit, which has a speaker system and a microphone system, so the two equipment can work in a conference environment at the same time. The speakers and microphones of the main unit and the expansion unit are fully synchronized, and they can be controlled with each other at the same time, which greatly optimizes the omnidirectional microphone's pickup and playback capabilities, bringing a better experience to the user.

Key Features:

1. Full duplex deep echo cancellation, 48k broadband voice call HD technology, intelligent microphone mixing, dynamic noise suppression, automatic gain technology.

2. The main microphone has 4 built-in unidirectional microphones to form a 360-degree sound pickup, and the collection distance is 12 meters.

3. Support Bluetooth and USB

4. Support LINE IN/OUT analog interface, connect external communication terminal through 3.5mm audio cable, support video conference system, multimedia communication system, network conference platform.

5. Perfect expansion capability. The product is equipped with an expansion unit. The speakers and microphones of the main unit and expansion unit are fully synchronized, and can be controlled each other at the same time, which greatly optimizes the omnidirectional microphone pickup and playback performance.

6. The speaker system adopts a multi-core digital unit with a volume up to 85dB and a 16-level speaker volume digital adjustment.

7.  Multiple buttons: Off-hook, hang-up, microphone mute, volume increase and decrease, and Bluetooth.

8. Built-in battery 5400mA, working duration is more than 10 hours. Standby time is 90 days.

Technical Specification




Product Appearance

(The button silk screen is on pending, subject to the final output ID)

Audio technical parameters

Acoustic echo cancellationAEC

Full-duplex echo cancellation depth can reach more than 65dB

Echo length


Two-way noise compressionNC

Noise compression below 25dB

Automatic Direction finding Technology of Intelligent microphoneEMI


Automatic gain control technologyAGC


Audio parameter

Microphone Frequency Response


Speaker Frequency Response


Pickup range


Speaker volume

Maximum: 85dB


Main Microphone

Line in/out

3.5MM audio in/out interface

RJ45metwork port

Connect with extended microphone

USB Interface

TYPE-B audio in/out interface

Power switch

Long press 3S to open the device

Expansion Microphone

RJ45 network port

Connected with main microphone

Button description

Button silk screen

Volume button


decrease/increase volume

Bluetooth button

Turn on/off Bluetooth

Off/on hook button

Off-hook/on-hookoff-hook enter or exit calling statue when there is a skype for business call.

Microphone mute button


Turn on/off microphone


Bluetooth status indicator

Blue light flashing

Bluetooth pairing status

Blue light is on

Bluetooth is connected

Microphone status indicator

Red light is on

Mute the microphone

green light is always on

The microphone is working

Working status indicator

Red light is on

Mute the microphone

green light is always on

The microphone is working

Power status indicator

Red light is on

The battery is low and must be charged

Flashing green


green light is always on

The battery is fully charged




Power supply


Built-in battery

Built-in 5200mA battery , working duration is more than 8 hours. Standby time 90 days


Able to connect with USB

Application environment and specifications


Reverberation time

< 0.5 second

Noise level

< -48 dBA


Windows/Andriod/iOS /Linux

power supply


Operating temperature

0°C-50°C (Operating statue)



Safety specifications





Standard accessories

USB cable/cascade cable/instruction manual/certificate/warranty card

Optional accessories

Bluetooth Adaptor

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